New to forums

Need to post in issues because I can’t launch the game…and can’t post in the relevant topic section.

Been playing Eve on and off for 13 years and never needed to visit the forums.

Soo…yeah how can I get help if I can’t post in the help forum section?

What is the problem you are having? Can you log into the website to submit a ticket?

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Yeah I can do that, just fancied visiting the forums for help.

It would help to know what kind of machine you are running. Linux Mac win etc.

True, Windows 11 I’m running. I’ve had Eve working on it before the update so I can only assume its related to that

Specific Message is.
Game client assigned to “Me” has closed unexpectedly
I don’t see any windows appearing so its not getting that far.

I think I’d try verify file integrity on the launcher first just to see if that did anything.

I can’t see that option…Where would it be?
found it

it found some extra files but nothing else corrupt or otherwise.

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