Newb looking for Corp. US based Older players preferred

Hi there! I’m 41 years old and live on the east coast of the US. I have been only playing a week but love the game! I bought Omega the second day. So far I have mostly gone the exploring route but look forward to the different aspects of pvp and perhaps some other group activities.

I will probably average a few hours a day of play time between 10 and 12 pm est. I can likely make group events at other times if I know in advance. Also I am a landscaper so rainy days I can play more. I can do vc on discord…depending on if the ole lady is asleep or not :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a maturish team player who loves to learn I may be a good fit.
Ideally your Corp would be active with a good core of older players who doesn’t mind teaching a rookie.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hey man, check out our training program. Mostly older guys, even some grandpas… :slight_smile:

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We’re a group of natz players, a few Canadians, who are looking to add a couple more to our team. We can give you a huge step forward learning the game/making ISK. Our guys are all older, I feel like the demographic of this game mostly is now a days. We live in nullsec and are blue to a large nullsec block.

I love to mentor enthusiastic new players who want to learn the game. With 14+ years playing this game I have a wealth of knowledge to share. Let’s have a chat and see where things go from there.

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we have just the place and the same age player base for what you like to do in eve. join our in game channel in the link, or mail me. here is the ad with the pub channel in come chat with us.

Hello. Thank you for responding to my post. Couple of questions…how big/active is the Corp. Growing? Do you have members engaged in most aspects of the game or is your Corp specialized?

My first Corp I think kicked me because I joined right after a war started and I think they thought I was a spy lol

There’s 5 of us atm. Three are very active. We have been doing mostly industry atm. Mining and working on construction projects together. Defense of our pocket when enemies enter.

How big will we grow? Unlikely more than 10… we want a couple more people to socialise with on the regular and those who we get along with. I’ve played for a long time now and over the years I’ve found as a corp grows it just brings more problems.

We are ex wormhole players that came back to kspace about 4 months ago. Made our own corp to stick together. We keep our area scanned and do a bunch of exploration/wormhole logistics so even though we live in nullsec you’re rarely far from highsec by using wormholes. We’d be a good place to learn the nuts and bolts of industry/manufacturing/wormholes and exploration plus other aspects of the game. We’re not really focused on PvP atm but that’s not to say we don’t know how to do that either. I have thousands of kills and am an experienced small gang fc… there is just only so much time in a day and that’s not the corp focus atm.

Wormhole Surfers of Eve - small corp, PM in EST,CST mostly. All things wormhole, C2 with HS/C4 static, so lots of content and learning to be had. HS base for mining and such. We like new folks and old. Even suspected spais! There are ways to flesh that out. Zap me a note if you’d like. CHeers!

Glad you’re interested in finding a corp! Hopefully that will be us. We are a mature corp with a diverse set of interests, but having fun drama free is the most important! Please eve mail me in game and / or join TZED Recruitment chat channel.


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