Newbie Player looking for 0.0 corp

Hi there,

I played eve in like 2012 the first time, I know a lot of stuff changed but I would like to get back into the game for a while now.
I had an itch to play a year ago, but due to my work deployment I was unable to play (besides training up my character during that time).

Now that my deployment is coming to an end I would like to get back into a friendly 0.0 corporation. I watched a lot of videos and tutorials but im still super rusty.

I almost have 9 million skillpoints, I live in germany and play mostly during the evenings.

Thanks & Greetings


Hey Kain

I sent you a mail in game, if you cannot get online right now you can read more about us here

Looking forward to flying with you

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Hi there
We are a uk based Corp, living in 0.0. We are part of an allaince and coalition so we have numbers and experience.
Feel free to join for a chat, see what you think and go from there

Fly safe o7

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Hi Kainielle Erquilenne,

Come join “DMNA Recruitment” channel in-game and chat with one of our recruiters.

  • Active
  • Full SRP
  • Monthly prizes for pvp
  • Safe mining space in 0.0
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Hey Kainielle!

Krypted Gaming is looking for quality, social pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity, and look for pilots with great attitudes towards the game and fellow players. We live in the nullsec region of Deklein, and are proud members of SLYCE.

We aim to be,

  • Tight Knit (~40-50 actual humans)
  • Highly active (88.5% of our members are online daily)
  • Top Contributors in PvP & Industry (top 3 for monthly alliance fleet participation)
  • Knowledgable & Approachable (tons of guides on our website)

Whether you are a new player or veteran, we are looking for team players who want to contribute to a community. All of our members are active, decent human beings (except our corporate Grandpa, Helltrek) with lives outside of the game. Given that, we also have plenty of memes!

Learn a bit more about us at our website.

Come chat with us in our Discord!

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Hey we might be a match

Maybe you should look at Evian Industries, We are looking for new Capsuleers of nearly all experience levels.

Newbro and BitterVet friendly, We don’t require much; but an SEAT is needed. A background check will be performed. We want people who want to work as part of a team, to forge something bigger together!

We operate in Nullsec. We are mainly an Industrial corp, doing ratting, mining, PI, building and a little PvP.

We try to have different fleets up whenever we can. Our members range from longtime players to new players.

We have a mature and friendly community with a relaxed atmosphere. All time zones are welcome and we are the sort that understand that RLl comes first. We have members in both US, EU and Aussie TZ

We can offer comms, slack, Ship Replacement Program on alliance ops, PVE and small pvp fleets, a BluePrint Copy program and a Buyback Program for Ore and Salvage

We are looking to expand our pvp effort in corp and alliance, More pilots helping with teaching and flying in fights would be great. If you want to be part of this join our public channel “Evian Ind Recruitment” so we can start to get to know each other (mentioned you have been contacted, or contact “Dixie Diamond WhiteSamoyed” ingame)

Best Regards

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We have a nice EU TZ section of you corp. please join our in game channel F-OFF Recruits.

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You should consider joining Alwar Fleet! They are the EUTZ heavy corp in the Federation Uprising alliance, which is a Nullsec/Lowsec PVP alliance based in Pure Blind, and are more than happy to help you out. Also got a few guys from Germany :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, here’s our Discord:

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