NewBro Friendly High Sec Support Corp

From the CEO
I’m Connor, the CEO of Red Phoenix Galactic, after taking an 8 year break, I have returned to New Eden. My old corp buddies are still in cryo, so I formed this new corp, planning on doing the same business we did years ago.

Who is Red Phoenix Galactic?

Newly formed Corp looking for industrial focused capsuleers of all experience levels to join our ranks.

Our Focus is primarily High Sec ie 0.5 or greater systems that offer:

Exploration (Data Sites, Relic Sites, Combat Sites)
PvE Missions

Short Term Goals -
Since we are newly formed, we have some schedules to develop ie Weekly mining sessions, PvE Runs, and other corp events. Setting up Ore Buy Back programs and monthly contests.

Long Term Goals -
Join an Alliance and supply need items like Ore, Minerals, BPCs, Ships, PI items, etc

Ultimate Goal
Some People love PvP, Low Sec, Null Sec, Wormholes etc. Others, well they just want to enjoy limited combat and all the cool industrial features EvE has to offer. This is where we come in, we realize players interest can shift as they play EvE, so by no means are we intending to be a strict corp, just a good hang out spot for like minded individuals to come have fun, bs, and enjoy this game together.

If you think we would be a good fit, stop by and chat in our discord today!

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