Newish player looking for a corp home


My name’s Josh, 27, from the UK, and a relatively new player who is just looking for a mature group of players to hang out with. On paper, I’m not perfect - I can’t promise when I’ll be online due to my schedule and not sure what I want to do in game yet. However, I’m a friendly and sensible person and happy to be part of a group.

Not sure if there’s anywhere for me out there but we’ll see!

I use discord but generally don’t do voice chat.

Hey Jax

Have time for a convo in game now?


Join our in game channel F-OFF Recruits. We have a large UK / US corp.

Hi there
We’re a uk based Corp, we have plenty of experience to help, we do have a minimum skill point limit of 5 million skill points. If you have that limit or over join for a chat and go from there

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