Newish player looking for PvP corp

o7 nerds

Looking for a PvP/PvE Corp to take me in. I have some eve experience from playing earlier in the year and now returning but on a fresh character. I’m EU tz if that’s important.

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Why the new character buddy? you will have lost your progression on your old toon?

Prefer a fresh toon, the old toon was mining and I don’t know the account details for it anyway. Was barely 3-4mill sp also. Already got this toon up to 1.5mill sp

Hi Lacuna Zero, Fearless Bandits are looking for new members who are interested in pvp and pve. All we require is that you have omega status, pvp training will be given if your interested feel free to contact me in game

Hi @Lacuna_Zero

I’ve eve-mailed you in game.

Hope we can talk. Here’s our Discord:

All the best,

Alt o7

Try Pandemic Horde.

What is your SP @ atm?

Only 1.6mill atm

RCJT has a 5m SP requirement, however, special consideration can be given to Omega pilots with the right mentality and desire to learn.

Come by our PUB channel: Right Click Jump Pub

Also, Brand Newbros is a great place to look!

hi there, i can show you some things.

Lacuna Zero

Come speak with us.
Join our in game channel: ‘F-OFF NOW’.

Also check out our home page

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