Newly Formed Alliance <HEAVN> Seeking Nullsec Rental Agreement

Hello, I Am The Executor of a Newly Formed Alliance, “Welcome To The War In Heaven” with The Executor Corp [LUVWR] “All is Fair in Love and War”

I Am Searching for a Place to Call Home In 0.0 Space and Below,

Im Looking for Icebelt(s) Ore Anomalies And Ratting Potential.

Also Hoping for Defenses if we pay our rent on time.
Agreement to Eviction if Bill Goes Unpaid.

We Need to Be Able to Place our Own Structures no larger than the Fortizar Class.
May Be willing to Follow Your Rules and you may

1.) your alliance/coalition can own the sovereignty
2.)We can Own the Sovereignty.

Looking to make this move into nullsec into december.


Anthony Emilio BelcastroIII (Executor)
Whitney Marie Uicker (Director)

please convo me in game or mail with details.

Still looking?

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