Next step after Exploration?

while browsing through the forums I came across this reply to a thread about exploration

when he says other skills to make more money with, what could that be? what should I do after exploration?

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I can think of some things:
Industry skills where you build stuff
Market skills where you buy and sell items
Combat skills where you can run PvE sites/missions/incursions. This can also tie into exploration as you could run combat exploration sites along with the normal hacking sites.
It’s kinda up to you on what you want to do. I do plenty of hacking exploration for good cash in nullsec and wormholes.


Buy combat probes, become a space ninja.

You think I’m joking but I’m not.


There has never been next step for me…
Exploration all the way!
I just like mocking around…

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Consider wormhole space. Living in W-space is like nothing else in Eve. Your probing skills will be used constantly, and the PvE is a step up in difficulty but also an isk faucet. Paranoia is a virtue in a wormhole- it’s a very active way to play. PvP goes from zero to terrifying in seconds.


After an initial career in hacking, I started:

  • Hunting other explorers in low sec and wormholes
  • Baiting explorer hunters in low sec and wormholes using a combat fit magnate
  • Runing DED and unrated sites in low sec
  • Running wormhole sites
    and eventually, just hunting everyone everywhere (not only explorers!)

Exploration teaches you various situational awareness skills that are vital for surviving in the more dangerous parts of space, but also very useful for finding people to shoot.


Stop playing for money.

If you play to make ISK, then you are not really playing.

You are working.


Buy a big ship
Load it up with exotic dancer
And use it for pvp

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Just do what you like to do in Eve and then do it so good that you make load of money from it :+1:


Can you really make a decent living this way ? I mean, loot from missions are not worth the time to scan from what I know… Only value is from the mission runner ship if he start shooting you. Did I miss something that can improve my income when I try to bait carebears ?



No, bear flipping isn’t actually worth it if you’re interested in isk, bragging rights certainly but not isk as it’s too feast or famineto rely on.

The skillset it teaches you though is invaluable and even if you don’t directly generate isk with combats (though you should) , the ability to nail someone in space quickly , literally makes you a more valuable player than the next guy.
So if nothing else you should be able to get recruited out of it.

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Fun and skill are the primary goal, ISKs are only added value. I’ll need to improve a lot, but in the futur, I’ll probably look for a merc corp or something like that.

But because the original question was mostly about ISKs, I thought your answer was about ISKs as well. Anyway, I’m going of topic, back to the OP.

This, and what Ralph said. Become a hunter of everything while running or stealing valuable DED sites.

You can make a living from that if you are good and cautious, but the fun and adrenaline rush should be primary. So having another source of income (industry, trade for me) makes losses less painful, and tremendously helps with the fun.

With this skills you also will be highly welcome in BLOPs operations and fleets in general.

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Continue the 4X route: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. :wink:



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EVE is a sandbox and as such you create your own goals.

You COULD pick a numerical goal “I want x amount of isk/skillpoints/kills/whatever” but those are rather unimaginative goals which generally lead to boring, uninspiring gameplay. But if that is what you want your goal to be then go for it.

From my pov you’ll do much better, and enjoy the game much more, if you pick personal/character goals which could be anything. Someone long time ago made it his goal to visit every system in the game and to keep a blog about it, became famous over it to a point where gate camps granted him access into their space because of it. My personal goal for years has been (being an Amarr hardliner) “Amarr for the Amarrians and fck CVA”, I’ll never reach that goal but that’s a good thing: it keeps me busy.

So pick a goal that you actually care about, whatever it is.

Which leads to the following: Isk is a means to an end, not a goal in itself (unless you made it your goal). And that results in that you “should” do whatever you actually ENJOY doing, or what furthers your goals, rather than focusing on what makes the most isk. Also because more often than not the numbers people tell you about isk/h is massively exaggerated or simply an outright lie.

Do what you WANT to do, choose to get GOOD at it and you’ll make enough cash to get by just fine.

I’m somewhat surprised nobody has brought up the “image” yet. I think it’s a good source for inspiration. But keep in mind there are no strict careers in EVE. Just like @Cygnus_Parud said already: Create your own goals.

But I don’t think the goals are actually that important. I think more important are the ways you reach them.

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Maybe exploring Triglavian Space in special suits and rovers to collect soil samples and look for hidden relics.

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It’s a good thing you’re here to tell everyone what part of Eve they should enjoy.