No longer for sale

(Petri Rick) #1

Positive Wallet, All Rules Apply, No Kill Rights, High Sec Located.

11b Buyout.

(Theo Sotken) #2

Offer 7b to get you started.

(Petri Rick) #3

Thank you.

(Petri Rick) #4

Received 7.5b in game offer.

(Petri Rick) #5

I’ve emailed both bidders that I will accept 8b buy out, if anyone else is interested at that price. 1st come, 1st serve.

(PC LL) #6

8 bil B/O

(Petri Rick) #8

Buy out accepted, please send 8000m isk and account name you want the character transferred too.

(Petri Rick) #9

No longer for sale.

(system) #10

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