Character is in NPC Corp at time of listing hasnt updated on Char.Tools.
Positive Wallet
5.0 Sec Status
No Killrights
Perfect Production/Science toon!
2 Remaps
Training Pod
Character Sheet
Starting Bid 90B Anything less will be considered a free bump
BO 120 B

90 bill

91bil buy out. Isk in hand

106B offer

107bil buy out

108B offer

Will accept your offer unless you are outbid before 0200 UTC.


In 30 Mins 02:00 UTC will accept your offer unless outbid.

noted, will be around to send isk if that is the case.

109B offer

15 Mins @ 02:00 UTC will accept your offer unless outbid.


Gave 10 mins runoff to see if there were any other offers. Bid Accepted. Send isk and account name and ill start transfer right away!

logging in to do it now

mail/isk sent.

Recieved. Says target user is already involved in a character transfer. Just let me know when that one is done on here and i will get it started! :slight_smile:

Updated mail recieved in game. Transfer started. Enjoy!

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