No.Mercy [TRI] - Recruiting Experienced PVP Pilots

Took another fun fight tonight and last night, come join the fun!

we are having fun in multiple time zones, come join!!

come join the fun!

bump come join the fun!!!

come join the fun!

we are always recruiting skilled pvpers!

come join!

going strong and having fun, come join our new campaign

we are recruiting and fighting daily, come join the fun!

100bil killed yesterday, come join the fun!

More nullsec fights, fighting hard to defend and expand our sov foothold in wicked creek against the enemy

another fight to capture some sov tonight and just barely missed a BS VS BS brawl, looking for a few good men to join us and enjoy the EU+US tz fun daily :slight_smile: very active and more every day as more FCs join us

Rorqual | I forgot | Killmail | zKillboard another blops kill today, juicy rorqual :slight_smile:

Reddit - Dive into anything amazing fight yesterday, here is the battle report. come join the fun!

Battle Report Tool another battleship/cap fight win in detorid, come join the fun!

having a blast in the south, fights every day. we also have some of the pilots who just won this year’s alliance tournament recently join TRI as well. You’ll have fun here, lets talk :slight_smile:

Battle Report Tool 140bil in faction bs killed. come join the fun!

Fortizar | SSS Holding. | Killmail | zKillboard enemy fort down, fight (attempts) in every time zone :stuck_out_tongue:

Among other fights and cool things going, we now have a new US TZ corp with us and have captured the best sov in wicked creek, winning our campaign of the last couple weeks. onto the next one!

We are always recruiting, come join the fun!