No Pressure, Just Play -- rent in null

Integritas Constans, meaning Constant Integrity, is aligned with The Bastard Cartel [TBC] alliance and Mistakes were Made [MwM] coalition.

We focus on a community relationship to make best use of complementary play styles. Industrialists and PvPers work together to optimize the Eve experience, protect shared space, and grow in both size and skill.

If you are interested in renting space in null, we offer favorable terms for our renters including:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Ratting, exploring, mining, PI, and moon harvesting rights (uncommon and below) within your rental space
  • Ability to travel through MwM space, dock in MwM stations, and use MwM jump bridges
  • Use of MwM Intel channel
  • Use of MwM logistics services (standard fees apply)
  • Ability to put in your own POSs and citadels
  • Option to share systems with other corporations and share rent
  • Option to join as an alliance
  • Sov-holding options available
  • Some rare and exceptional moons available (additional fees apply)
  • NO PvP requirements. Sov defense handled by MwM fleets

For information about the program, available systems and prices, agreement terms, or other questions you have, please contact Arrowspeeed Bounty or Eshet Chayil. You may also want to join

We still have space open .

recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

recruitment still open

recruitment still open

Still recruiting renters

Still recruiting

space still available to rent

still looking for renters

rental space still available

still looking for renters

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