No sale

(Super Fragz) #1


:star2: Buying pilots - Fast payment!
(wangsunan) #2


(Dobriy Putb) #3

37 bil.

(wangsunan) #4


(Dobriy Putb) #5

38 bil.

(Super Fragz) #6

Bump thanks for the offers

(Super Fragz) #7

Sunday bump still for sale

(Erza Valliant) #8


(Super Fragz) #9

Monday bump dank name!

(Super Fragz) #10

Tuesday bump still for sale who will buy me.

(Erza Valliant) #11


(Super Fragz) #12

Wednesday bump Still for sale buy me!

(nosbod1) #13

43 bil….if accepted in next 2 hours

(nosbod1) #14

You don’t even respond to bidders!!!

(Super Fragz) #15

I would accept 45bill minimum. If you willing to put up the 45bill I would be willing to accept nothing less.

(nosbod1) #16

Sorry my offer max is 43B this is your biggest offer yet…I don’t think you can ask much more.

(Mom's Packed Lunches) #17

Honestly 43 is more than what most would spend. It’s an over market bid. I’d take it if I was the owner

(Super Fragz) #18

thanks for the opinions 45bill takes the cake if interested make a bid

(Mom's Packed Lunches) #19

39b is my bid. You’ve got a few other offers to consider ahead of mine, but good luck with your sale

(nosbod1) #20

I retract my bid on account that others are saying its not worth that much. Thank you for your time and good luck.