NOMADS - USTZ C5 WH Corp Recruiting Pilots


Roughly 15,000 years ago, NOMADS were those that traveled the systems of New Eden for the first time. These early settlers traveled from system to system in search of resources to sustain their small populations. Not every journey was successful and often enough they were catastrophic. Over the intervening centuries, the majority of settlements died out. With carnage continuing throughout New Eden, a few tribes managed to survive and escaped to the dark realms of wormhole space. True to their spirits, these modern-day NOMADS live off of what the wormhole space provides. Each day provides different resources, opportunities, and conflicts.

Playing With NOMADS
Playing with NOMADS is not about the perfect Killboard stats or EVE perfection. We all play together for a good social time, excitement, and fun. From old vets to newer players, we enjoy “playing off the land” and enjoying what BOB provides for us each night.

We offer the following:

  • Corp comms and Discord
  • Small Gang PvP (Chain, Low Sec, and BLOPS)
  • A “live off the land” mentality in WH space
  • Knowledgeable players to help you grow
  • A good atmosphere to chill every evening and play a game

We are looking for:

  • Interest in PvP and fairly active in-game every week.
  • USTZ
  • Get on comms with us :slight_smile:
  • Full ESI and Interview before acceptance
  • Interact with everyone and grow friendships
  • Be willing to do what the chain provides every night (live off the land)

If any of this interests you, stop by our public chat in-game “.NOMADS” or join our Discord!

Recruitment Contacts
Canbti Remuw

We are doing some BLOP fleets! Come and check us our in-game channel “.NOMADS” or on our Discord:

Adding new members! Come check us out. We are newer-player-friendly.

We are recruiting a few more members! Looking for players who want to join a group of friends and enjoy EVE together :slight_smile: PM me in-game if you are interested!

Looking to add an additional two players to the team! :slight_smile: Reach out to TEVORACK if you are interested.