Non capitals that can rat pirate havens faster than a VNI

Yeah… looking for a fit like that…

Any turret based battleship that does damage to which rats are weak.Some BC ABC HACS CS T3C and marauders altho only BC and ABC are really near VNI in price then it’s BS and faction BC


Do not forget, that heavy drones take time to get to next target. So even Dominix with sentry drones is more effective, than VNI, cause sentry drones apply instant damage. If you fit right (drone range bonus used properly) and position your Dominix right, you will see 2-3 milions increase in ticks. But it can not be done AFK

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t3c, pirate bs, faction bs… anything that has more dps and application at the same time, If you have multiple toons can think of going 2x pirate bs (glass cannon+ max dps drone assist rattle) or smartbombs (need 3/4+ one ship with guns to kill some stuff that gets away and prolly one to provide good warp-in to next site). The 2bs approach is 2000 dps+ and has near instant application on everything on grid and can kill 2-3 things at same time, also npc ewar gets spread thin. But after running some sites the constant setting up, launching drones, cap/ rep chain etc. gets boring. Short-term it’s very good imo. For SB you gonna need 8 hands or some umm… forbidden magic, so not recommending it.
Would not recommend marauders for anoms, on paper it’s good dps and you can tank the site forever but in practice the 1m siege timer will get you killed. And this thing costs more than a carrier.

before asking for fits get your fitting skills and t2 mods, most fits are min-maxed and made with lvl 4/5 everything in mind, if you downgrade stuff might find out you are not stable or cant tank… also you didn’t provide rat type, the config and ship will vary depending on that.

Double-repping command ship is pretty decent although slower than a vni due to crappy speed limit but good luck on the nearly 1 bill fit lol.

Nothing subcap works faster than a vni unfortunately.

Maybe Gila can compete, or might be slightly better, but it’s more expensive.

Why not Ishtar?

Why are people helping an obvious farmer?

Same dps as a vni, costs 3x more.

What about survivability? Isn’t the Ishtar better?

Dominix most battleships. Gila.

Vni is a decent platform, but it’s far from the most efficient. It’s popularity comes from it’s relatively low price point, low skill requirement, and being mostly afk-able, not it’s clear times which are average at best.

K space ratting? No thank you!

But to your q? OP…

Id have to say, using battleships with a damage output bonus would be best, ie, VINDICATORS…

use bookmarks plotted ahead of time to land your warpin close to the center of your spawn points and be in range before the spawn appears. Not sure what the distance is in those sites anymore because its been so long since I ran any k space sites. but… if they do warp in all close together, say within 20km, you should be able to one cycle to them if needed using a close range high damage vessel.

Other than that, Not sure if there is anything faster for k space.

Using alts will help. I used to use two carriers in one sites… clearing the site much quicker than my alliance mates, also, I ran easier sites so I can get another site completed within the time of that tick… giving me more output. Its not difficult to manage two or three carriers for ratting. But to ratt faster than a single carrier, or super carrier… you will need muiltiple clients and a setup that is optimized.

This means you may ne4ed to spend some time on SISI to figure this out. Your ratting space, ships and skills available to you, your isk/risk ratio, etc… all things you should consider.

Perhaps you want to rat in wh space where you can make same isk for much less risk?

I make 300 mil an hour easy, using two t3 cruisers in c3 space.

Super ratters make that kind of isk but risk a 30 billion isk ship for it. Also, with the recent NSA changes, lol … yea idk. Im glad I left k space for ratting sakes.

Yes you have the t2 resist but it costs much more, requires months of training and in the end the ticks are comparable. In serpentis and gurista space you can ditch resist mods and get more drone support stuff, but idk if it’s worth the extra isk. Would have to not-die (=not go afk in a site) for quite a bit for the upgrade to start making net profit.

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