Non-fighter looking for nullsec protection

I’m a multi-toon corp, focusing on mining and manufacturing. I’ve been away from EVE for a while, so honestly I’ve forgotten a lot of the minutae. I’m also a bit autistic, so… my combat reaction speed is always too slow to be useful in a fight. But if you want an orca and five skiffs feeding it, I’m your guy.

My goal is eventually have a set of stations near each other, mining a bunch of moons with my own Tatara lasers, and a rorqual picking up the pieces. Along with that, I want a community of cool people to hang with who will guard me in exchange for a bunch of ships and gear with which to guard me. On top of that, use the ships and gear to go stop other alliances and stuff. I’m by no means a pacifist, I just know I’d end up being more of a hinderance to a fight than a help. But I’m happy to be on the winning team, knowing I did my part by helping to make the ships and gear that won the fight.

But I really just want to build the infrastructure. Mining and refining stations, engineer stations, big-ass citadels, ships and module and weapons, all that. Mining, manufacturing, hauling, you name it. I just want to help make something important and worth protecting. So I hope you want to build and protect something, and in payment get to go stomp some neighboring alliances.

Specifically, I’m looking for an alliance who has some space, but not a lot of infrastructure. And the patience to wait while I get up to speed and then slowly build it all. A Sotiya takes freaking forever to build, after all. Null-sec has all the cool resources, but low-sec would probably work well as well.

I don’t have all that external appllication stuff, nor a Discord server, since I’m just one person. So I guess leave me a message here, or try the “Warehouse Recruiting” channel in game. If I’m playing, I’ll see you. If I’m not, I’ll check here.

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Hi, I might have what you are after :slight_smile:
The only thing is that we are a start up. If you do not mind that then have a look.
Discord (you should be able to read in the discord even if you do not have an account, if that does not work then let me know so i can give you the information).

I cannot read those via Discord. I’ll reach out to you in game, instead.

Hello @Andre_Durant

Based on your post, I think you may be an excellent candidate for our group. We are a growing and recently moved to our own SOV Null space. We are slowly expanding the infrastructure and making some friends in the area. However, we are not PVP focused, even though we have the opportunity if anyone wants.

Please learn more about my corp and our alliance in the recruitment post below. Please reach out in-game if you would like to learn more.

In game channel - NOAF Pub

You can do that :slight_smile:

You Are Welcome With us
Jump in our corp discord :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, we got lots of opportunities for you!!!
Come check out our rant!

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