NoNoNo Null-sec pvp-indy Member of [Fraternity] (Winter Coalition)

NoNoNo. is member Fraternity. Alliance and a well established leadership with Veterans from several alliances like SOT,TRI, -A- We are an openminded and respectfull corporation, with solid and experienced leadership. With honest pride I can say that our goal is to have FUN. Our focus consists out of PVP, PVE, Industry and is very experienced in regard to PVP and Industry-related issues. We believe and it is our experiece that pvp does not flourish without a decent industrial backbone.

Our requirements:

:arrow_forward:Characters must have at least 5m sp

:arrow_forward:Full ESI and registration If you’re looking to spy, feel free! You might wind up liking us better than your original corporation anyway.

:arrow_forward:You must be able and willing to participate in corporation fleet ops, pvp or industrial.

:arrow_forward:Once a week we have a corpwide Icemining-op to provide fuel for our posses (participation is not mandatory).

:arrow_forward:0.0 and/or lowsec experience s mandatory.

:arrow_forward:Able to fly doctrine ships or willing to train to fly them

What do we offer:

:arrow_forward: PVP ops in 0.0 From solo pvp to small pvp all the way up to fleet on fleet action

:arrow_forward:A safe ratting/mining environment

:arrow_forward:Access to Alliance Citadals and to Corporation Manufacturing/Research citadals .

:arrow_forward:A vast experience in PVP, PVE, Industry, Skills.

:arrow_forward:Ship reimbursement plan.

:arrow_forward:Focus on getting our members into capital ships with plan for ship subs

:arrow_forward:Very experienced FC’s.

Our members are mostly from US and EU Timezones, meaning we cover 23/7 of Eve.
Corp hoppers do not need to apply, if you dont know what this means, then it prolly does not apply to you.

Please feel free to join our Recruitment Channel: NoNoNo Pub
If you have questions, please eve-mail/convo me or for more info.

jin lee1

Still looking for indy members who also like to pvp

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