Noob 2 Boon - Null Sec Corp for New Players! (EU/US)

An opportunity not to be missed, join a corp dedicated to making your move to null about you! We want to quickly upskill you so that you can

  • Safely live and move around in null-sec

  • Understand the importance of intel and how it is used

  • Work as part of a team to achieve objectives whilst developing new skills that match your playstyle

  • Use the benefits of null-sec effectively to become self-sufficient at generating ISK

  • Maintain a positive killboard

Noob2Boon will provide:

  • Ratting Tutorials: How to use the right ships and fits for ISK generation, loot and salvage
  • Mining Fleets: Learn the tips and tricks to mine safely and efficiently in Null (Ore,Moon, Ice, Gas)
  • Industry: Research, create and build the items needed to improve your game experience and others around you.
  • Market/Logistics: Learn how to move small and big items safely in all areas of space, understanding how the market works and how the economy affects your gameplay.
  • Exploration: How to take advantage of cosmic signatures, relic, data, wormholes and the various mapping/intel tools available
  • PVP: Teaching the basics of PVP, you will go on small roams and fleets to hone your skills. We’ll help improve your ship knowledge and understanding of the game mechanics. As you progress, we’ll also help you to become an effective member of larger fleets, working with an FC to so that you understand the language, terminology and communication that will make you an integral part of the fleet team

What we ask from you:

We’re looking for people with a mature attitude, a strong team ethic and a willingness to learn. Ideally you will be active in the EU or early US time zone (18:00 - 02:00 Eve Time) Your skill points are less important than your ability to work with others and your determination and commitment to improving.

Become a Boon today - contact Pauliescu Dobrovolski or Breakimus Windamus in game or drop a message here.

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