Null Sec Corp Recruiting

We are looking for Pilots who enjoy many different aspects of Eve and are willing to branch out with us into a more rounded lifestyle at the same time as having fun and contributing to the social atmosphere within Corp. We are primarily based around the EU Timezones.

Preferably EUTZ - But All TZ’s Welcome
10mil SP+ preferred
Industrialists with Teeth are welcome
Miners Welcome

Focus Areas:

:small_blue_diamond: Ratting -0.9/-1.0
:small_orange_diamond: Mining
:small_blue_diamond: PI
:small_orange_diamond: Manufacturing
:small_blue_diamond: Having fun
:small_blue_diamond: System upgraded for combat anoms and mining
:small_orange_diamond: Reasonable prices JF service
:small_blue_diamond: No mandatory events [CTA’s]
:small_orange_diamond: Don’t take the game too seriously
:small_blue_diamond: When you are in game, have fun
:small_orange_diamond: Pay your rent on time (250mil/month/toon)
:small_blue_diamond: Full API with all your toons
:small_blue_diamond: Respect your fellow corp mates

Basic understanding of EvE mechanics
Omega Clones Preferred (not Compulsary)
Active and on Comms when in-game

Public Channel: Tactical.Pub
If this sounds like you and you feel you have what it takes send a request to join with FULL API.

Background checks can take 24 hours.

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