Noobs 2 Pros (N-2-P) Low Sec PvP/PvE Corp

New Corp based out of lowsec
New Player Friendly
Real life first
PvP Content and PvE Content

-We are a new corp based out of lowsec and looking to focus on small gang PvP and PvE.

-We are a family oriented corp first and do not expect weekly commitment. IRL first and always first.

-We have a small 5% tax and looking to use that for corporation operations only.

-Small Gang Roams The Needlejack guides us the Needlejack leads us along our way.

  • No weekly obligations

  • Welcoming to all members who want to join

If Interested send a mesage to me on here or send a mail ingame in eve

Recruitment still open

Still here and recruiting

Interested, free bump/

Still open for recruits and vets also sent you a mail Kessah


I’m currently skilling up an alt and looking to use him for FW PvP and I’m looking to learn the ropes. As you would expect it might take me a few days to get his skills updated but I’m interested in joining - what timezone are you guys in?

We are usaully on around 5-11 eve time but we do not do FW

We are still recruiting members :smiley:

What timezone are you guys mainly from ?

usually 4-10 eve time

Still here and recruiting

Good dudes, would recommend.

Still here and welcoming anyone that would like to join

Still welcoming members

Solid dudes. Definitely would recommend them.

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