Not a billionare in RL? Be a billionare in space! :moonwalkingparrot:

Grow with us as our corp expands!
Legion of the Eagle is a corporation focused on group work, our philosofy is simple: Do what you must to help your corp mate, but do what you can to help yourself, we pride ourselves in the teamwork that we want to achieve around a game that requires a group to function properly.
What we offer:
-Ore Buyback Program
-Orca boosts
-Moon/Ice/Gas mining
-Exploration expeditions
-Access to Abyssal sites (PVE)
-A chill and fun enviorment to play with
We care about you if you care about us, we are all about group work! Start enjoying the game the way its meant to be!
We operate out of the Placid region, out of a highsec near a lowsec area.
USTZ is our primary timezone.
For contact ingame send a mail to Varrus Vakarian

Should maybe put some things like area you operate, high low null, time zone you are most active etc.

and who to contact and how

done, thanks for the tips

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