Not recieveing verification code

i have been trying to get the verification code to my email for 2 hours so i can get on the test server i had to change my email when i discovered i dnt have acess to the old email and still did not get a email with a code

Same issue here, That said be careful with changing emails willy nilly, I’ve found from other forum posts exploring this issue that emails are synched with the mirrors. For example I recently (within the past month) had to get my account recovered so i could start playing again, and had to get my email changed just to log into TQ. I’m not getting Vcode and that’s most likely because it’s still sending the code to my old email, even though my account according to TQ is on a different email. If you change an email just for Sisi , it wont affect Sisi, only TQ. at least until they mirror again.

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