Nothern Radiance [B0T]

Young and international corporation Nothern Radiance opens it doors to new and old pilots of New Eden.

map Where do we live?

Our stage region is Malpais

Our expectations from you:

  • Constant Online
  • Adequacy
  • Omega Clone
  • Full ESI key
  • Willing to help others
  • Compliance with the rules of the alliance

What we can offer:

  • No obligation
    We do not force you to fly in our PVP fleets or 24 \ 7 or sit in our mumble server. We will not force you to dig up all the belts that we have. For each pilot, we find our own approach.
  • Basic assistance to the pilot
    Our corporation has experienced pilots. For any question we find the answer and help as we can. We do not have any hazing, we are always happy to help you.
  • High income for pilots, from 20 to 80kk/hour
    We live in a fairly quiet place and stray neutrals can be found quite rarely. System with a good CC, which means a fairly abundant number of anomalies that will be enough for everyone.
  • Active development of the corporation
    We will listen to any of your offer that will satisfy both parties. We never immediately say “No” to our pilots.


Public Discord
Ingame Public: NORTR Pub

We will be glad to see you in our corporation!

P.S.We are looking for recruiter in our corporation on a paid basis. All details in Discord or in-game channel.

daily bump

Still looking for cool dudes to join our corp!

Looking for some miners! Feel free to contact us! ingame and in Discord

Recruiting! Feel free to contact!

heya quite new and looking to venture into the null sec

have joined this corp this is a small but growing corp so we need more member to come join in a new relolution more people makes more space and more fun

Ingame Public: NORTR Pub

hope to see more guys soon

We have successfully anchored Forti in our system in order to bring bigger machines. In case you miss quite place to kill some red squares, please feel free to contact us in the description we left upstairs.

Joined corp more than a week ago. Nice guys, helping a lot!

Join NORTR PUB channel for info.

Becoming bigger and bigger, join our Discord for questions

Nothern Radiance is recruiting! Feel free to ask questions!

Nothern Radiance is recruiting. Looking for recruiter EU/US TZ with monthly payment.

Aditional info in our Discord channel or ingame channel

We are recruiting! Please see main topic!
LF Recruiter.

Looking for recruiter on paid basis. More info ingame or Discord.

Reminder! We are still recruiting and growing! All info in NORTR Pub or Discord!

We’re recruiting! All info in Discord

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