Shinra - UK Lead/EU TZ Corp - We Need You Pilot!

Shinra Aerospace Company

We Need You Pilot!!

We are now proud members of No Visual. Alliance and Winter Coalition,

We are currently looking for Active pilots who want to be apart of a growing friendly Corp in Null-Sec.

Our Corp focuses mainly on Small Gang PvP, Ratting and Mining, We are different from most as we are a Null-Sec Corp who are also Newbro Friendly.

We put Real Life First and we will never shout, we only try to laugh most things off.

Don’t be afraid of losing ships, this is a game so lets have some fun with some spaceships!!

We are currently based in Null-Sec in Vale of the Silent and we have ambitions!!

We are currently looking to grow and become one of the best up and coming Corps in EvE - Lets grow, make some Allies and see where the journey takes us!!!

The Corp has strong leadership as its run by two brothers.

We offer:

  • A Good Atmosphere, hopefully some good banter!

  • Discord for Corp Fleets and Chatting

  • Free Starter Ship Hulls for PvP roams

  • PvP Roams into null-sec.

  • Mining ops with fleet support

Please give us a shout as we are doing our best to grow but we cannot grow without you!

We are a UK Lead/EU time zone corp, to join you must speak basic English, be mature and Active!!

So come and join us, were a good small corp looking for some good guys/and some tough guys.

Give me Mobeeus Shaww a shout or Dimitri Shaww and we will reply as fast as possible.

I Promise were a very friendly bunch!!

And as always

Fly Safe !! o7


I met Mobeeus awhile ago and despite being fairly new I was very impressed by his maturity and vision. Definitely a group I’ve got my eye on and think they will do very well under his leadership, definitely worth a look.

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Thank you Dymorian for the comment - its appreciated a lot, Were still recruiting, looking for players who are mature, ACTIVE and don’t mind losing a few ships along the way, were a tight knit small group and were really starting to find our way with PvP. Were happy to help newbros (so long as genuinely interested in learning), you will never be shouted at we usually just laugh when we make mistakes, Its a game enjoy it!!! - shout if interested of just drop us an in game mail.

We now have a new home in Vale of the Silent - looking for some pilots who want to make a home with us Old and New all are welcome - happy to chat or simply drop us an in game mail and we will reply asap. o7

Looking for Pilots who want to build a home with a friendly corp in Null-Sec, were apart of a great Alliance and we need you to grow, We want PvP pilots, Ratters and Miners to help the cause. message us in game if interested, all welcome o7

We need you guys - were looking for Pilots who want to be part of a growing, active and very friendly corp based in Null-Sec, We have a new home and are looking to grow, We need PvP pilots mainly but also need ratters and miners too, join our recruitment channel or simply drop us a friendly in game mail - o7

Im looking for a corp that does small to mid size gangs and runs bling. Would also like to cause trobule in null. I buy plex for isk so i dont need to grind for it. I try to get on every Saturday and i play usually for about 8 hours.

I have ass frigs, cov ops, blops, cruisers, bc’s, marauders, logi and soon tactical dessie skilled. All Amarr ships and lasers with bombs and skills in missiles. Isk no issue to me.

Im UK tz. Perhaps ill hit you up in game when i get on next. Currently im on holiday (time off work) so i should be able to get on during the day this week, if not then Saturday.

Very welcome to hit me up in game mate - shout at me whenever your ready my friend o7

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New Year - New start-

Were looking for mature guys who want to be apart of a friendly team,

We are apart of No Visual Alliance and apart of the Might Winter Coalition

Were looking for PvPers, Ratters and Miners and some industry folk to help our area of space.

Join our recruitment channel or drop me or someone a message we will reply when we can. o7

We need dudes!!! - Were a UK lead/EU TZ Corp - we put IRL first and have plenty of banter and Gifs on our discord - were based mainly in Vale and Geminate - Were proud members of No Visual Alliance and the mighty Winter Co. - were looking for guys who want to blow ■■■■ up first and foremost - followed by abit of ratting and mining to make that dank ISK.

We perve over ships and we enjoy rubbing our own members faces in our proud kills.

Our corp is run by two brothers so we have strong leadership and lowish tax and we can spare ship hulls for pvp and ratting for new guys

Join us guys - be fairly active and easy going and help us grow!!

Also interested in Merging with corps?

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