Shinra - UK/EU & US Corp - Looking for New & Old players - Join us!

Shinra Aerospace Company

We Need You Pilot!!

We are currently looking for active pilots. Newbies and old all are very welcome!!

We can help newbies with getting to grip with the game and how to progress after the tutorials!!

We have been a small corp but now have plans to grow, we are currently based in Minmatar Hi-Sec space close to major Trade hubs and we have ambitions!!

We are currently a Mining/Manufacturing/PvP Corp looking to grow and become one of the best up and coming Corps in EvE

The Corp has strong leadership as its run by two brothers.

We offer:

  • A Good Atmosphere, hopefully some good banter!
  • Mining fleets
  • Discord for Fleets and Chatting (we know some people just like to chill & listen too).
  • 1% Tax
  • Ore Buy back scheme (We will buy your mined Ore)
  • Salvage Buy back scheme (We will buy your Salvage)
  • PvP Roams into null-sec (For those interested).

Please give us a shout as we are doing our best to grow but we cannot grow without you! we also need pilots who want to be part of a growing corp who can also put their stamp on certain aspects

We are a UK/EU & US time zone corp mainly but is looking for pilots from other time zones too and all we ask from you is that you can speak basic English.

So come and join us, were a good small corp looking for some good guys/and some tough guys.

Give me Mobeeus Shaww a shout or Dimitri Shaww or Soenal or Skipple and we will reply as fast as possible.

I Promise were a very friendly bunch!!

And as always

Fly Safe !! o7

Were still looking for more Pilots, New or Old all are welcome, just drop me a message i am very friendly i promise.

Guys/Gals, message me if you have some interest, happy to have a quicj in game chat, we still need players!!!

Shinra still wants you pilot!!

If we have caught your interest either send me an in game mail or in game convo, happy to have a chat and hopefully i can help further your EvE career. Give me a shout guys/gals i am really friendly!!!

Step forward Guys, happy to chat to anyone looking for a friendly active corp o7 just shout at me

We need you guys, join our chat channel or message me in game, happy to chat!!!

You interested in joining an alliance. We have a strong UK and EU community. We are active in comms and might be able to help support your growth.

Thanks for the post Mythael but for now im looking to grow my corp and give a home to those who have none!!

Pilots New and old, i still want you!!! - im more then happy to help direct you if guidance is needed and im so friendly. Dont believe me send me a message. Join Shinra today!!!

Still in need of Pilots, Newbies or Vets or even those about to retire to Hi-Sec

Shinra needs you!!! - join our recruitment channel or message me either is Fine!

Shinra is a great corp and growing fast. Come join us on the journey!

Were still looking for pilots - New and Old to join us, we will help you get to grips with the game and for those who are older we have active pilots and a decent sense of humor…mostly !!

Looking for New and Old pilots, Join our recruitment channel for a friendly chat if interested, or simply drop one of us an in game mail and will reply asap!! Thanks guys o7

Join Us Guys, we really do need YOU!!! shout at me in game for more info!!!

Still looking for New and Old pilots!!!

Still looking for pilots, we want miners, manufacturers and some pvpers!! shout at me for info!

Shinra Needs you!!! - New or Old - All Welcome guys/gals

Still recruiting guys - New an Old pilots - join our recruitment chat or message me in game guys, happy to talk

Looking for more pilots, were a friendly bunch o7

Join us guys, were a great bunch, good mix of new and old, happy to discuss more details of Shinra also