Radical Industries Small corp recruiting good people!

Radical Industries Recruiting all pilots

We are a small corp of around 5 members
We have a high sec pos setup With the following facilities

-Large ship assembly array
-Medium Ship assembly array
-Ammunition Assembly Array
-Component Assembly array
-Lab facilities to research and invent
-Ore processor
-Corp Hangar Array

All of these facilities are free to use by all corporation member with no charge
We have a number of blueprints (some of them very good) copies will be free to all corporation members.

We have a number of very good pilots
Currently we have a great mining foreman and a sollid CEO who has been playing since 2006
We have a great PVE FC who has also been playing since 2006

We require a PVP FC and pvp pilots for our future plans to take a couple of low sec systems that are ripe for the taking near us

We are desperate for mining pilots literaly if you want to mine in this game join us and we will look after you!


No skill point minimum
We will provide all new mining pilots who require it any ships and modules you require to start mining
That includes mining barges.
a ship replacement program will also be in place incase the worst happens

For more information please contact myself either here, start conversation or eve mail
if I dont reply right away im probably out for a smoke so dont worry

there is no skill point minimum however we will not take members of 15 years or younger

Fly safe.

Hoping to recruit more members.

Email sent

Replied please send me a conversation request when you get it.

Hey! I’m interested. Not been playing long, but have 2 accounts. I trade a little on this toon and other I’ve been doing missions, only L2 so far, but want to get into mining. Wouldn’t mind trying pvp, but not rich enough or skilled enough for that yet!

I’m UK based, hopefully you folks UK/EU? Just logged out, but feel free to msg me, can reply when I get up!

Message sent thanks.

still recruiting

Do your homework before joining any Corp. I didn’t. RI is involved in 3 active wars and you’ll have a Bounty on you the instant you join. Went from 17 members when I joined to 11, one day later.

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