Radical industries recruiting all good pilots, (Also looking to Alliance with a pvp corp)

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Hello @Ajdeathgiver ,
I admire the aggressive goals you are setting for your corp. Well done and wish you well attempting to take control of those LS systems. If I am not mistaken, the larger entities will be conducting mass exodus as soon as the moon refineries get released if they haven’t already done so.

Anyways, I do hope that goes well for you and your crew as we all love EVE content.

If things get to messy and are not going your way or maybe you are looking to establish yourself in a new environment (an Alliance who supports it’s members) , a better environment inside EVE?

Come see me in game,
A :mage: in EVE content creation

Would you be interested in having access to a wh system with market/refineries/reactors/factories and pi already in place ready for you?

No requirements. Just access to nullsec ore. Gas sites. Exploration sites. Production facilities. Wh ratting. Wh pi.

You don’t even have to join alliance. You just get access and come play if/when you want.

More targets the better amirite?

More like the more people to kick it with and play the better. Already 5 corporations that summer home in the wh. It’s chill :slight_smile:

Still recruiting

Trust would have to be earned without an alliance Rob

I will contact you ingame in a week or so, to see what we can do for eachother, right now busy in RL. I am a 1 year old dual account miner, wanting to expand in PI, Moon Mining, Invention and production, around 8.5M SP on each account’s main Alt, and now slowly looking around for in which corp to start. I am flying 2 Orca’s, 2 Porpoises and all the Barges, in training for the Exhumers, the expedition frigates (and maybe one day the mighty Rorqual). Also want to start PvP with my 2 Alts. Have also been regularly mining with my Retriever in Low-Sec happily surviving from the “Bad Guys” around me! Inspired by your bold goals and honest rapport of your present situation. And it will be a pleasure supplying two 11 year old players with the necessary resources!

Hi WEWILLSEE Whatwillbe, You sound great give me a message when your ready.

TO everyone else we are still recruiting and since the writing of this post we are now absolutely stomping our enemies in to the ground so really don’t worry about the war

Contact me

Would love to chat also fly an orca and want to fly various other ships. Currently a 7mill sp toon. Send me an ingame mail. Ill be free friday us central around
5 or 6. Thanks

Hi AJ,
it seems you already solved the most scute of your problems/struggle for which I wanted to help, and I see I really have even less time than I thought to play EVE, basically no time into the foreseeable future, not even for background mining…
So I wish you all the best, and fly safe !

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