Nothing to see here, W1CKD is closing down

Wicked is closing shop, leaving this here for posterity!

Tired of the Eve Mega-Corps and Eve Mega-Alliances? We are too! W1CKD is recruiting! We are a member of Shadow Ultimatum Alliance. W1CKD is a smaller corp that is USTZ, mostly Eastern and Central with a few late night USTZ pilots. We are looking to add new blood to our solid core. Most W1CKD pilots have been with us for more than 1 year.

We do a few corp only small gang roams and camps weekly as well as some ratting and boosted mining fleets. Shadow Ultimatum is also a smaller alliance that has that small town feel to it. You get to know the people you fly with and share space with. Another upside is that we are also a proud member of the Imperium. We have access to all of Imperium space as well as their markets and PvP fleets.

We are looking to add PvP minded pilots but we also have plenty of space for Ratting, Mining, and Industry. We are a couple of jumps from LowSec if you enjoy roaming there as well.

We offer the same as most other NS corps:

  • NS SOV space for PvP, ratting, mining, exploring, and industry
  • PvP (Subcap & Cap - Alliance and Coalition Fleets)
  • Small Gang PvP (Roams & Gate Camps)
  • Alliance JF Service running multiple times per week
  • In region Alliance and Coalition market (11 jumps from 1DQ/Delve market)
  • Corp and Alliance Buybacks
  • Knowledgeable vets who know the game and are willing to share their insight
  • Relaxed atmosphere (both in-game and on Discord/Mumble)

What we require:

  • Above all, no drama
  • Being active and social, Eve is a MMO after all
  • Pilots interested in PvP
  • Pilots of all skill levels who want to contribute to a larger goal
  • 5M Skill Points - Less than this limits what you can do and leads to frustration

Come and PvP with us! We have tons of content close to home so no blue balls here!

If you’re still reading, join our Discord. If we end up not being a fit, no hard feelings. You can also contact Kerl Xplore, Pepey, or Keyer Wicked via in-game mail or direct chat.



We have punch and pie!

We are a small active corp, where you know everyone’s name (and alts too)!

Come join the fun with a laid back and active corp!

Fly with us!

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