Notification_id uniqueness?

I’m currently working a lot with the notification endpoint and was wondering about the notification_id.

When I am (for example) a member of a corporation with 10 total members and the tax rate changes, will those 10 members receive a notification about this with the same notification_id, or will each notification of the 10 members have it’s own id? Is the notification unique to the character that receives it, or is the notification itself unique with the same id for everyone who received it?

What I’m trying to do is to check the notifications of those 10 members and find the ones that are basically about the same event and group them into one.

Thank you for the help!

I just tested it. The notification_id will be the same if it represents the same notification. I.e. if those 10 members receive a notification, they will all have the same id. Assuming all 10 notifications represent the same event.

So yea, you could just group by notification_id.

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Thanks a lot!

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