Notifications - New Topic = Spam

Why do I have a notification window full of notices that people use the forum? OMG Really?! Someone made a post on your forum OMG OMG OMG tell me about it! More!

Seriously, this shouldn’t be happening. And not even an option to turn it of that I can find.

Notifications should be reserved for relevant information so it is easy to find out if relevant stuff have happened and where. Not a complete review of the entire website since your last log in.

Go to your Profile, select Preferences, and then select Notifications in the submenu on the left side. There are plenty of options to customize how and when you get your notifications, as well as an option to disable all notifications. I found it within 10 seconds of reading the title of your post…

That is just filters for how to view it on that page.

The drop down list is still full of spam.

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