Notification flood

Someone tinkered with the forum again. Now I see all notifications in the drop down list and there is hardly any differentiation between new ones and old ones. Moreover, it deletes older notifications if things happen in the same topic by the same people. Going by the below screenshot: I should have 2 SR answered to you in my feed because he responded 2 times to me but there’s only one.

Who can possibly think up such a wonderful change. Indeed, it was so much worse before when you had to click 1 more time to reach your full notification list of old notifications when you needed to look at them, but otherwise the list was empty and devoid if nothing happened worth notifying you over. It was a anti-social list indeed. :roll_eyes:


Yeah noticed this as well. Pls halp, somebody!

Same here! Tons of notifications and I "Dismiss"ing them does nothing.

And clicking on my char’s name now only shows a few options,
instead of leading to another page with all notifications visible.

Is this supposed to be a feature?
It’s horrible! Feels like spam!

If they’re thinking this is better than before,
because it saves us a click for reaching the notifications,
then oh boy … they’re horribly mistaken.

This is not better. And what you describe is not what I am talking about. Your “more options” are just the menus that were previously available in the full menu. I don’t care about that even though it’s useless. The Notification feed was changed and that without any good reason and without any positive effect. It is less readable, less informative, more cluttered and hides more screenspace when you open the menu.

It doesn’t matter to whom your comment was aimed, it is fundamentally flawed and tries to justify bad UI design.

The capacity of people to justify objectively bad developments is always a sight to behold. How someone can possibly think that making a feature worse than before could be something to like is astounding. This change makes it harder to navigate the forums, it makes the UI more cluttered, it provides useless information that was better available in the actual menu portion instead of this cramped scroll popup and it is not even working properly as it hides multiple notifications. I don’t think it’s bad. It is bad by design.

This is still a thing. @CCP_Avalon halp pls?

Still not sorted. :confused:

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Seriously? Does CCP / people responsible for the upkeep even read this forum?

They “read” the forums but some things just don’t matter enough to them.

This is still a problem. Moreover, I have just discovered how un-intuitive and annoying this is when you have lots of notifications. I work down that list of new notifications from top to bottom. In the old system, views notifications would simply disappear and the list would remain clean and I could just keep clicking on items at the top of the list where my mouse is anyway to go to topics of the remaining notifcations. In the new system, however, I have to go ever further down the list, ever further away from the character icon to access go to the topic of new notifications. This is not making the use of the forums any better or easier, it only makes it more frustrating and a bigger waste of time.

This is STILL NOT FIXED and now the forums give notifications everytime someone likes a post.

Looks like each time they change the background image the forums get slightly more borked.

Still any fix emerging for this? No?

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