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(CCP Avalon) #1

Greetings! Since there have been a few mentions about notifications in various threads, making the total number of people interested in the change harder to grasp, I’m starting this thread with a poll.

Currently the notifications drop-down displays recent notifications, both read and unread. The unread notifications are highlighted with a blue background, once read or dismissed the highlight is removed. Some people don’t like this behavior and have voiced it out in various threads.

And so I’m putting the decision on which way to display notifications into your hands. The poll will be open for a few days.

The options are pretty straight forward.

  • Current behavior, showing both unread and read
  • Only display unread notifications
    • Read notifications can still be found in the “view older notifications…” button, or on your profile page.
  • The mandatory “I’m fine either way” option
    • In the unlikely event of this option winning, the runner up will be implemented

So drop your vote now!

  • I prefer seeing both unread and read notifications
  • I prefer only seeing unread notifications
  • I have no strong feelings one way or another

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Forum notification list getting a mile long?
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(CCP Avalon) #2

(Teinyhr) #3

For me, they are not being removed after being read . I do not know if this account specific or what. I can’t manually dismiss them either.

And, lastly, as voiced in a previous thread, the list could be as long as it wants as long as the forum logoutbutton is moved to the top, not the bottom of the list. It is the single biggest problem with the long list of notifications.

(CCP Avalon) #4

Just to clarify, once you’ve read a post the notification continues to have a blue background on it? Even if you refresh the notifications by clicking your portrait twice to dismiss the drop-down and have it reappear?

(Teinyhr) #5

All my notifications have a black background. Clicking on the notifications and going to see the source, like a reply, does not remove them. Clicking my portrait does nothing. I still have the badge notifications even from when I did the tutorial. Going to my character window, opening notifications, I can’t even press the “dismiss all” button, there is a “stop sign” icon on the cursor.
I have disabled all content affecting addons on my browser like ghostery and adblock.


I’ve clicked through all of those, but they remain there.

(CCP Avalon) #6

Yes, this is what the poll is about, whether the read ones should go away. All your notifications in that screenshot have been read, as none of them are highlighted with a blue background.


If the majority of votes are for only showing unread notifications, read notifications will no longer be displayed as you were expecting the behavior to be.

(Teinyhr) #7

Ah, yes. I misunderstood. So yes I would very much prefer to see only unread notifications as I assume this would properly trim the list, preventing notifications hanging around on the list forever and have voted as such.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #8

For me, they should stay as it is but let old one disappear. Few days old or something like that. This will give enough time to go back to old discussions etc. and in other hand, don’t stres so much board database.

Edit: Or just give button to clear them manually and anyone will do with them what he personally want.

(yellow parasol) #9

Democracy. The rule of the mob! Disgusting!

(i’ve voted, of course :P)

(CCP Avalon) #10

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(ISD Fractal) #13

I don’t mind them the way they are now. Having recent notifications all in one place is nice and lets me jump back into threads without having to add another click to look at read, but recent, notifications.

I imagine people have an issue with the clutter in that menu. An “x” to remove individual notifications would probably go a long way for those who like to keep things neat. Alas, that is not an option in the poll.

(CCP Avalon) #14

Because it’s not an option that I could offer at this time. The options I can provide are in the poll.

(CCP Avalon) #16

I have closed the poll, the “only seeing unread notifications” have it. Change pushed to both available themes. :fedo:

(Che Biko) #17

Well, that’s one way to move the log out button closer to the top.

(CCP Avalon) #18

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(Teinyhr) #19

Looks like the perfect solution to me. Those who want to see the old notifications can do so with a single click.

(Rivr Luzade) #20

Would be super amazing if Avalon could work on this or whip the Discourse devs into working on implementing this in timely manner. I don’t really see the need to having to visit every single post I got liked for to remove them from my feed.