Its impossible to turn off ingame notifications

Since coming back i am fighting your notifications window.I am that kind of person that just doesn’t want to see this little blue icon with the numbers on it.

So naturally i tried to remove everything from the notification history that i do not want to see. The number still climbs up every time my standings change, or i get an eve mail, or the reminder that i have unallocated sp if the number of unallocated sp changes.

I then tried to tick off everything, every little setting in the notifications window. Still didn’t help, the number climbs up while the notification history stays empty.

Yesterday i had enough and went into options to deactivate the notifications. All fine and dandy until now after downtime the notification button was there again. I went into settings to turn it off again. It is still turned off. Turning it on and off again didn’t help either. Doing that while relogging didn’t help either. Same with clearing cache. And turning it off while in character selection also doesn’t help.

Not helpful. Plain annoying. 0/10.

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