Notification Icon Missing

For some reason my notification icon has gone, I still get the “pings” but no icon. Tried CTRL-TAB and not on there. Looked through options etc, can’t see any way to get it back.

I was moving it when it disappeared, have I moved it off screen somehow? Any ideas how to get it back?

Logoff + logon?
Worked for me.

It has magically reappeared after DT, ty.

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This happened to me recently as well. At first I thought it was hiding so I reset window positions (boy did that mess things up for me) but it didn’t reappear until I restarted client. Obviously a big CCP introduced in their last patch.

Yeah I knew resetting would be a whole world of pain, why I posted really. Most of the time the soddin thing is just annoying but now and again gives useful info.

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