I really don't need more notifications

Thanks CCP, I know that I still have unallocated skillpoints, but I don’t want to spend them now. I would really apprictiate if you would stop treating me like dump imbecile. I’m old enough and I know what I’m doing.
And just in case you already forgot that, you added the notification system not too long a ago which already is reminding me every time i log in. So for what that additional reminder?


Thank you very much.


You can turn the notifications Off, there are many Options when you rightclick the Icon :wink:

can’t turn the red dot off…hmm maybe they should add that to the forums :partyparrot:

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Ok, so… the notifications in the lower right corner can be turned off easily. Just left click on it and the option should pop up for you.

As for the red dots… we’re stuck with that ■■■■ for now.

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You could of course turn the notification off … but considering you’re not an imbecile you didn’t think of it or looked it up.

Yea that :red_circle: keeps me from logging in and playing, I don’t understand why Developers can’t get it thru their heads that everything needs to be optional and then I remember, they don’t play the game and aren’t gamers


I wasn’t talking about the notification in the lower right corner. I meant the popup in the upper left corner right next to the charakter logo which appeared yesterday the first time. Maybe it’s managed by the options (in the lower right siede :wink:), but never the less it’s absolutly worthless.


From now on you shall be treated like the smartest of all imbeciles. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No idea if it´s a new addition here as well, but the :red_circle: at least exists as emoji. :rofl:

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I’ve already told my mom about this and she says she’s going to write CCP a stern letter.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

― Oscar Wilde

To all those who haven’t logged in since yesterday, or don’t have any unallocated SP: The popup for unallocated SP has been moved from notification feed (where it was possible to turn it off) to the next to the character portrait, and it still shows up every time you log in even if you turned it off in notification feed.

clap hands fpr ccp, seems they try to get us all out of the game with this stupid nonense …

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