Unused skillpoints

Not a real big deal, but anyone find it annoying how often unused skill points notification goes off?

There a way to disable it?


i always like because its SP and SP is kinda noice

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Right click the message as it happen, disable.


You can’t do that on the tool tip that appears when you log in or undock, nor the repeatedly playing unused SP chime.

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Screenshot_6 Screenshot_5


That’s all nice and dandy. However, your solution does not prevent this, everytime you log in.


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Spend them.

Thats what they want you to do.


Previously this notification only went off when I gained new unallocated SP. I had no issue with that.

Now it seems to go off all the time. This is annoying.

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EVE has sound?

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been away a few years…nice to see that line still gets thrown around lol.

Somethings never change. Good thing too.

I still live that line, i’ve had sound disabled in EVE since 2004, still do to this day

You can now also turn off the graphics (ctrl shift f9). Neither sound nor graphics are needed for gameplay.

I like both though.

Now they just need to turn of the smell of victory/defeat and the touch of madness and we can be in an iso-pod

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