NPE Update: New Mining Adventure Feedback Thread

Question: For those who already did the first NPE, do they get to continue this story (get an email, like storyline missions, from AIR requesting assistance)? Or is this just for newly created characters?

If it’s the latter, why would you do that?

One Polite Question.

I remember the Old School Tours.

But I would like to know when will the AIR skins [Aspirants] be allowed for players who just missed the New Player Experience aka the Zenith of the Invasion.

FYI, you should be able to skip it in those cases through the ESC menu, as far as I know.

LOL learn to EVE bro.

Cool story bro. Maybe learn to mine more than 4 jumps from Jita :smiley:

Amazing, having to pay for better things huh?

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No, it just stopped after the tutorial.
You got sent to the shitty Career agents, and that was that.

It seems to be just for newly created characters. And apart from the nice story and graphics, all of it they tell you is common knowledge for a player who has been around for a while as the information is meant for absolute newbies.

Some feedback regarding the new NPE on SISI.


  1. It’s possible to destroy Elias (The Orca NPC) using smartbombs from another ship. I probed my alt in the NPE mining site with my main and smartbombed him to destroy him, this didn’t break the scenario though and he left no wreck/loot behind so nothing breaking there.

  2. I don’t know if this is specific to my UI, but the station services panel was covering up the ‘inject skills’ button when Aura asks you to use your unallocated skillpoints to train the mining upgrades skill. Could be confusing for a new player.

  3. When Aura asks me to warp to mining site, her window was covering up the ‘warp to location button’. I’m not sure if this is because I moved her conversation window to that point before hand though. This could be confusing.

  4. Both times I warped to the mining site initially, it didn’t work, no interactions happened, I had to relog to get the cinematic and conversation between aura/elias to actually work and continue the scenario.

  5. After relogging, Aura/Elias go into horror mode and their models broke. Aura had her arms behave weirdly and elias had his eyeballs popping out of his face. Twitch

Things I Loved:

The Asteroid Environment looks really great, I wish all mining anomalys/belts looked that great, the athanor moon beam firing to break apart rocks looked incredible. The voice acting and humor is good.


I tried the old “fit two mining lasers to a Corvette” trick, which didn’t work due to restrictions. But in the process I de-activated my civ miner. Warped to Elias-land and couldn’t do anything. Warped off to the station to re-activate it but then I couldn’t get back on the NPE track – I was stranded! Couldn’t get back on track until I logged out. :frowning:

Suggestion: online all modules when entering Elias deadspace & put a ‘warp to mining site’ button on the mission tracker when the player is outside the deadspace

Same happened to me, so it’s not specific to your UI.

Insert ‘lazy’ in-between “the go-to”.

I guess the complaint is that the combat skills are not blocked in the same way. I believe an alpha can train up to battleships and T2 drones and guns. CCP doesn’t make anyone pay extra for that. Non-combat industrial, exploration and resource harvesting skills are severely limited to the point where you wouldn’t even reach 5 million SP training them alone. What some people don’t understand is that alpha’s are meant to be PVP fodder and pad the player numbers. Nothing else. It’s an indefinite trial. The game is not really free-to-play like other MMOs. They are second class citizens not actually meant to compete with Omega’s, participate in events, etc.

I always found the open ended story of the first NPE odd. I was wondering if there would be an epic arc down the line. Apparently they are just chopping it up and feeding it to entirely difference “generations” of players. What is even the point of a cohesive story then? This is weird. Might as well be a completely different story unattached to the first.

Yep. Imagine having to pay for an on-going MMO game. Welcome to reality ROFL.

Okay, more problems found.
Tested the NPE again on 24th Feb 2022.

The howling wind sound in the mining site is FAR TOO LOUD.
I couldn’t find any audio slider that changed that.
Turn that waaaaay down.

When being warped back to the station after completing the mining site section, the tutorial flat out broke.
No docking, no AURA telling me what to do, it just stopped completely, leaving me hanging outside the station.
Docking did not trigger the next part, nor did undocking again.
Just broken.

Mining Fleet Orca dude: “If you save up, you can even get a Venture! WOOOW!”
Me: “I’m getting two of them for free from the career agents in like ten minutes time, settle down”

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