Null Life Without The Hassles? Join Us Now

Centre for Addiction Studies is the haven for those of us addicted to Eve, and to Null Sec, but wanting to relax and enjoy the ride for a while. Everyone in the corp is a bitter vet that has done the Sov Null thing, ran alliances and ran corps, and now we rent… yep rent… and do what we want, when we want.

So what sort of person might this type of corp suit?

  • Anyone that is looking for a change of pace.
  • Anyone returning to the game from a break and wanting to get their head around all the changes.
  • New players (that can work towards some self sufficiency - we aren’t a training corp but we will always help members).
  • Refugees from Sov blocks that are looking for somewhere to cool their heels while their sov is being burned around them :slight_smile:

What can we offer?

  • No fee rental life, yep you don’t pay rent (I do). Many renter corps charge their members, we just use tax (on mining and ratting).
  • We have R32 and R16 moons open to members to mine at just 15% tax on mining. We have more moons we can open up if there is demand.
  • System upgrades for ratting and mining.
  • 0% PI.
  • Several structures for manufacturing and all those other fun Industry things.
  • Close to regional market to make bank in or buy shiny things.

What do we want from you?

  • You will have to auth (main and all in corp alts) with Seat ™.
  • Any time zone, just be moderately active (RL permitting).
  • Be on comms when you can.
  • Follow the rental rules for our landlords, linked to you when you join (failure will get you removed :frowning: )
  • No drama. You can rat, mine, pvp, do what ever… just don’t make the directors have to work…

So, if that is of interest to you, then come and chat to us in our public in game channel “off the wagon”.

online now if anyone is champing at the bit to join and wants a chat…

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