Experienced Player Looking For PvE Opportunity, Open to Sov/Renter Situation

I am a long time player (2009) with over 100 million SP that I made the old fashioned way, in other words via time rather than injectors. I have a ton of experience in null and am likewise very PvP experienced (over 7,600 kills) but that is not what I am after right now. What I want to do is play very casually with an absolute minimum of hassle and drama with a decent, reasonably mature group in null. I understand that this limits the corps that are interested in me and that is fine.

Most likely I will log in for an hour or two most days around downtime and sometimes in the evening US TZ (I live in U.S. EST) and do my thing: PvE, wandering around wormholes for fun, maybe just logging in and chatting with corp mates for a bit. Some days I might be on for a lot more than an hour or two, but on the other hand a lot of days I might log in for 15 minutes.

It doesnā€™t make that much of a difference whether you hold sov or rent. A decent logistics set-up and/or a good local null market is a requirement. Paying my fair share in corp taxes is only right but an exorbitant rate is not interesting to me.

If you are obsessive about monthly participation stats, I am probably not for you as I am unlikely to get into PvP fleets very often. If you are rigid about being on comms when online, the same is true. I know how to watch local and intel channels and I am not going to cry if I lose a ratting ship because I was refilling my coffee.

If you are looking for someone active in PvE and no drama, hit me up here or via eve mail. I can provide a full API of course but a long, drawn out recruitment process? No thanks. I just want to be able to scratch my Eve itch when and how I want.

hey @El_geherg,

If youre interesting and want to rent you can talk with @Arrowspeeed_Bounty and get the terms from her.


We have a sweet little NS pocket if your looking for a place to relax: PvE or Mine, we have a ton of opportunities. Overall, we are Indy focused Corp. We run regular moon mining OPs, and standing mining ops that run almost daily.

Perfect spot to crab to you hearts content!

In game channel at Pagids Public or our discord https://discord.gg/NrXtyYV


Xeno Dragoon

Still lookingā€¦

Hello, E.Z. ISK here, CEO of Bot Lives Matter.

We are a laid back renter corp within vale of the silent.
We are new, but have no requirements for activity.

my monthly base rental fee is 200mill (as many chars can join as you want)
tax: 8%

I have a home defense fleet containing caps and subcaps.

Contact Info:
In Game Channel: BotLivesMatter

fly safe!

hello we are a corp that do not care about how long you play or what you do thos both are completly for you to decide not us. nor have outragouse fees or taxes. we are mostly us cst timezone but the alliance we are in has them all. currently not in the best space to pve but it is still good. if you would like to join you can eve mail myself, Johnathan Hudson, or chriss mully.

Still looking, thanks for the replies so far!

@El_geherg did @Arrowspeeed_Bounty ever reach out to you?

@rangerwolfy I am not looking to rent a system, rather I am looking to join an existing renter corp.

we have shared systems that are in use by multiple people >> join here we can talk more https://discord.gg/5RpBtJy

@Xeno_Dragoon I put my info on your webpage for review.

@rangerwolfy I will try to stop by in discord at some point today.


info looks great

If youā€™re still interested: https://discord.gg/hcCgC6e

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We are very easygoing and could be an ideal proposition for your scenario.

Hop into ur public channel ā€˜Coalition of Carebearsā€™ where you will also find ur Discord details, from which we springboard a lot of our information, ops and general chatter.

Hope to see you soon,

VOID - Get Off My Lawn

Public Channel - Into The V0ID

About Us
V.O.I.D. is a veteran EUTZ/USTZ/AUTZ PVP corporation that has been around for over half a decade. We have experienced everything from small to large scale combat. Historically we have PVPā€™ed in low security space. More recently rejoined back into null security space. Regardless of our place in EVE, if there is PVP to be had we go there.
As a corporation we enjoy capitals and using them, while still understanding that sub capitals are a requirement to balance a fight. This is the reason we enjoy playing the game.
Regarding out of EVE, we try to maintain a relaxed environment. We play other games together often. Also we try to have relaxed comms. Any subject is allowed, as long as members conduct themselves in a civil manner.

What We Can Offer
Regular Fleets with experienced FCs
Alliance SRP Program
Large to Small scale PVP
Access SOV Space
Capital Fights
Access to Supers and Titan Discounts

Points of Contact
Willy Bryan - US / AU
T Halifax - US
Slavir Nabru - EU

Hey @El_geherg , if you want to try a small corp just starting which organises public fleets into 0.0., look over to the PuffinSquad thread - would be happy to have some more experienced players there besides myself and a few others cough

Corp is also for socialising and laid back, we all got RL and want to have fun not a second work or politicsā€¦ so casual play is ok - just enjoy yourself, talk when you have the time and play EVE how RL allows it.



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