Retuning 100+sp player looking for null rental Corp

Hello, I’m a returning player with main and alt both 100k+ sp looking for a rental Corp to have some fun on a casual basis, do some farming/ratting and ded escalations and occasionally pvp. Not interested in paps, mand fleet attendance ect just want to find some enjoyment in the game with some chill people and have fun

I’ve got plenty of moons to be mined, indexes to be raised, miners to be protected, and enemy corps to be evicted. It’s all about the isk. Find me in game or on Discord @ Ehlissa#9836

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Hi there Desvoc…

we are a very laidback pvp group that operates from pochven. With us you can do what ever you want really in between our fleets.

we do not have any obligations nor mandatory things. if you want to join a fleet you join, if you need isk then you find an activity that will give you isk :slight_smile:

if you want to know more just have a look at our vid below

Join our discord as well for a talk if you want

see you in space


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The Brass Monkey Syndicate [BMSY], a proud member of the Winter Coalition, is a tight knit group of US TZ pilots that enjoy PVP and Industrial endeavors within sovereign null space.

Whether New or Old. PVP or Industry focused, we want to welcome you to our Team. Grow with us.

If your new, we will teach you the game mechanics and provide 100 mil of starter funds to begin your 0.0 career. Returning players can expect help in reacclimating to changed game mechanics in our friendly environment.

What we Offer:

  • Tight Knit group of experienced and novice pilots
  • Access to daily PVP operations
  • Small to medium gang warfare
  • Large/Capital/Super capital warfare via our membership in the Winter Coalition.
  • Ship Replacement Program for Alliance/Coalition fleets.
  • Doctrine ships provided to members for fleets
  • Great Access to Ore/Ice/Ratting
  • Coordinated/Profitable Mining Ops
  • Production Facilities in Sov systems
  • Buyback program at 90% Jita
  • Very focused on group play and helping our members meet their personal goals
  • Experienced Leadership willing to help guide you.

What we Require:

  • A sense of humor
  • Financial stability or a willingness to learn the ways of isk making
  • Have a voice, be on comms, discord, mumble…etc
  • Participate in PVP operations.
  • Have fun.

Eve is only as fun as the people you play with, and we try to provide content and an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

In game feel free to message any of the following characters… Shuggington P (main recruiter) or Angus Thunderstruck (helpful minion)

Join our in-game recruitment channel brassmonkeysynd or chat with us via discord by clicking the linky -----> BRASS MONKEY SYNDICATE

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Replicatorz are a small tight-nit Nullsec Corp based in Querious/Catch regions under the Dracarys Alliance/Imperium.

We are looking for laid back and social players who are active and self-sufficient. We are primarily looking for USTZ playersl. REPZ

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Hey Desvoc Synchronized!

Warm greetings and a hearty welcome back to the sprawling universe of New Eden! It sounds like you’re after a relaxed, enjoyable experience, and we totally resonate with that sentiment.

Here’s a snapshot of what Cryptopia brings to the table:

  1. Casual Fun: We’re all about savoring the game at our own pace. You won’t find any mandatory fleet attendance or the stress of PAPs with us. It’s all about collective enjoyment!
  2. Ratting and Escalations: Our space in J-space and proximity to null-sec zones ensures ample opportunities for farming, ratting, and engaging in DED escalations.
  3. Occasional PvP: While it’s not an everyday thing, when the itch for PvP strikes, we’re always game! From small-gang skirmishes to more strategic encounters, there’s a taste of everything.
  4. Chill Community: The heart of Cryptopia is its members. We’re a laid-back group who values camaraderie, fun chats, and shared experiences. A perfect place to enjoy the game sans any pressure.

Desvoc, with your characters having over 100k+ SP each, you’re poised to jump right in and savor the diverse experiences EVE offers. We’d be thrilled to have you onboard and embark on some epic space journeys together.

If this sounds like your kind of space adventure, let’s connect! Dive into our Discord at [CYPTA] Cryptopia or shoot us an in-game message. We can’t wait to get to know you better and explore the stars together!

To relaxed gaming and memorable encounters!

Warmest regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

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Hello we are The Order of Omerta and are looking to add to our ranks.

We do:
Jukebox mining fleets
PVE fleets
PVP fleets
Indy projects
Trivia nights
FW fleets
US/EU tz but looking to grow AU as well.

We require:
3.5 million SP minimum (nullsec Corp)
Mic to be on coms
ESI check ( both corps for the safety of the group )
Active at least once or more a month.

We love to have fun and don’t take the game too serious. We do have goals to work for and do so together as a team.

We live in Nullsec but have a separate Highsec Corp for newer players or those who love hs but still want to be part of a family. We share coms and do joint fleets when possible with our sister Corp. If you like HS or NS we got a place for you.

We are looking for people who will join coms and get in fleets with us as we want to grow the community. If you’re a wall flower there are other Corps for you but it ain’t us, we want friends.

If you like fun with a good group of drama free people then come see us

Fly safe o7

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