[Null] Pariah Management Solutions

Pariah Management Solutions is a new corp looking for members who would like to start from the bottom. Industry and Mining Focus, with a dedicated pvp group as well.

Pilots we are looking for:

Dedicated Haulers.

Dedicated Miners.

Dedicated Industrialists.

Dedicated PvP pilots for zone defence.

People Willing to learn and grow.

Alpha Pilots Welcome.

Not wanted to join an already existing heavily saturated corp where members are just another number? We want members to learn and grow with us from the beginning. Stake your claim!

We have our own null sec system with moon farms and reprocessing facilities. Adding more as we go.

We also have our own little section of Hi Sec for those not willing to go into Null.

No Min SP required.

Future Plans:

Buy back system in-system for mining.

Eventual growth for a trade hub that is needed in our section of space.

Free doctrine corp ships.

Dedicated hauling routes for corp.

What we Offer:

A new community to grow with.

Being able to forge our way together from the very beginning.

Eventual buy back schemes on all Ore, Ice, Moon Goo and Industry.

Welcoming to all kinds of players in all time zones.

Will facilitate moon timers too all time zones.

What we are looking for:

Good sense of humour.


A willingness to grow.

Reply here or PM for more info.

Or contact Eric Pratt in game.



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