[Null Sec Alliance] Brothers in Arms wants you!


Brothers in Arms wants you!

  • Who we are? Brothers in Arms Alliance [BIA], member of the Imperium Coalition.

  • What we offer? Basically everything Nullsec has to offer, plus all the conveniences that an Imperium member enjoys. The opportunity to grow with an alliance and being part of something big.

  • What do we want? Corporations! Active corporations, small or big, with combat experience and the will for more. A strong industrial backbone? Even better, the SRP won’t pay for itself.
    BIA is developing, and so can you!

Now it is time for some boring information:

IRL we are mostly players scattered all around Europe, so you may find the one or other one speaking your language.
Within CCP’s shitty space ship game we are, as already mentioned, part of a sov-holding alliance within the Imperium. That means: The comfort of a well developed logistic system like jump bridges, engineering complexes and market hubs. Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) for about every fuckery you can do in EVE. Love wormholes? Die there with your friends, instead alone. Scare ratters to death? Why don’t you hop in a bomber fleet! Do you want to raise terror over the denizen of HiSec? Organized HiSec ganking is the answer.
Low truesec makes ratting ISK-printing. Mining? No problem, everyone does that here, there is always a mining op somewhere!
All the jokes aside, you are required to be at least able to defend your space. Train into a proper ship and show them how it is done.
Speaking of shooting others. There are fleets on a regular basis led by our very own FC’s. And if not, why don’t you fly with our allies? Or take out one by yourself?

What we want from you is the will to be part of a bigger group and contribute to the whole alliance. You are able to get along with others, and sufficient English skills for communication are no subject of question.

Still interested? This is most excellent! Join the game channel “Bia Recruitment”. Otherwise you can always contact Pre Wiesler or directly the recruiter: Lorenzo Maulerant.

One more thing: You have no corporation with you and are only by yourself? Why don’t you contact one of our member corps (mine included), most of them are recruiting!


BIA is recruiting!

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Q: Is BIA is recruiting?
A: Yes, we are!

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P.S: BIA is recruiting!

Do you want to experience the upcoming mess with the moon changes in NullSec? Join today!

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