[Null Sec Corp] [Drone land] Knavish Knight Kingdom is Recruiting!

(Sara Ardishapur) #1

Knavish Knight Kingdom [KNAVI] is a friendly multicultural null sec corp. Most of our line members are in AUTZ, Chinese speaking and our manage group is in late EU-NA east TZ. We have a worm home in Oasa with plenty of infrastructures.

What do we offer:

Alliance fleet with DPF (Drone Phoenix Federation) and their SRP.
A home System with level 5 units for anomaly and industry, while military index always level 5
Drone rats which make almost all of your income be in isk, no need to worry about MTU stuff.
Logistic via black frog.
Welcoming group players and trying our best to help them keep their own rules.
Allowing private buyback programs with some export fee.
Basic manufacturing infrastructure (POS for ore compressing, a station)
Citadel for safety and clone changing.
Good Chinese and basic Japanese skills in manage group.
A level 5 mission site sharing with blues and some neutral pilots.
Welcome alpha pilots seeking to earn their first plex! Rats don’t rep much so maybe the best rats for low dps fits!
No stress for doctrines training
No pap, minimum KB or those sort of things.
Intel channel with vintel.
Planet interaction with low tax.
Casual playing style.

What you should be aware of:

Respect players in the corp and blue players around, especially to those who don’t have good English skills, be patient to them.
Basic ability for communication with manage group (language wise).
Being friendly and reasonable.
Mic, Discord (for corp) and TS3 (for alliance) are highly recommended.
Minimum SP for 1.5M (Mostly for you so if you have clear plan just tell us.)
API, one week after the arrival.
10% tax.
Reporting enemy on intel.
Fly safe.

If you feel interested, please contact:
Sara Ardishapur
Andre Simon
Or join our public channel TW drone region explorer.

We would like to have a short talk to make sure if you share similar value with the corp.

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