[Null Sec Corp] The Final Resistance is Recruiting!


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Who are we?

THE FINAL RESISTANCE [TFR.] is an all-around corporation that lives and thrives in Null Sec space.
Currently living in Deklein region, we are part of “DARKNESS.” (DARK) Alliance and “Guardians of the Galaxy” (GotG) Coalition.
We are a tight-knit and relaxed group of pilots that always have FUN flying together.
To achieve an healthy balance, we have a wide variety of players, that covers all aspects of EVE, and we are now looking forward to expand our membership.

Either oldschool or fairly new, PVPer or Industrial, if you have the will to stand up and fight, you will find your place with us.

What can TFR. provide?


  • Corp Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
  • Alliance Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
  • Regular alliance/coalition fleets and deployments
  • Small corp gangs and roams


  • Safe Null Sec space with Level 5 upgrades
  • Lots of anomalies and DED complexes
  • Lots of null sec space to be explored
  • Ice Belts, Asteroid Belts and Planet Interaction
  • Moon mining endeavours


  • Corp buyback program
  • Capital Program
  • Supercapital Program


  • Corp and Alliance logistics team
  • Marketing possibilities

TFR. requirements?

  • Active and proactive
  • Available to teamwork and socialize
  • Teamspeak and Discord are mandatory
  • Available to join fleets and corp activities
  • Omega account
  • Minimum 25.000.000 Skill Points
  • Full background check of all accounts owned (ESI)
  • 48/72 hrs acceptance period after interview

How to join TFR.?

Talk to one of us and we’ll show you the way.

TFR. Contacts

Zenra Va’kur - Tarxton Jape


Looking to play....again
160m sp player returning
Returning Player looking for a new group to fly with (multiple 90+mil sp toons)
50m SP pilot looking for FW Corp
100/70kk SP returning player looking for a purpose
Old player returning and looking for a good corp
154M SP Pure Combat Pilot looking for a home
Old Returning Player LF Null Sec Home
Looking for a [Sov Null} Corporation - 100+sp's
Skilled Returning Player Looking For New Home (PVP or Anything)
30m SP, super rusty player LF Small Gang PvP
55mil SP - I have no idea what i want to do
96m SP Toon LF Corp
Returning 19mil SP PvP pilot looking for new home
142 mil sp pilot looking for a new home
64 mil sp pilot looking for a purpose!
Active pvper looking for a new home
Nearly 40mil SP – Looking for 0.0 Corp \ Alliance - New Challenge (S-Cap&Logi&Fleet)
120m SP lf WH Corp
58mil Sp Char LF new home
Returning Player Looking for a Friendly and Understanding Corp
Returning Player Looking for a Friendly Corporation
Returning Vet LF NullCorp
Offer Accepted
Returning Player, industry/exploration focused 98 mill sp
75m Main, 27m FAX alt Short Hiatus, returning
Returning player LF active corp
Looking for new home
128mil SP Returning Player looking for a home (PvP toons)
34mil sp industrialist looking for null sec
Returning player from 2011 in need of Corp
Returning Experienced Small Gang PvP Pilot
Thread closed
Looking for a corporation
Returning player looking for Corporation
70 Mil SP Character LF new corp
Player looking for new home
100 mil + Toon with multiple 100mil + alts seeks corp
124m SP OC PvP T2/T3 + Logi Nullsec Lowsec FW OK
Returning UK Player Looking For Null-sec Corp
63m sp pilot looking for wh corp
Bittervet looking for new home
(Imustbecomfused) #2

You guys were a fun group to fly with! Never had any issues worth remembering and you always made folks laugh! :smiley: cheers. plus one

(Dread Charlie) #3

o7 ty musty, nice to hear from u

(Zenra Va'Kur) #4

Recruitment is still open. Feel free to give us a visit in our public channel TFR.Public or message one of our recruiters in game.

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No Snowflakes

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Recruitment is still open. Come join us in our public channel TFR.Public or send a message to one of our recruiters.

(Zenra Va'Kur) #11

Come join The Final Resistance.

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(Dmitri Sokarad) #15

Its a great group of folks, and fun alliance! I’ve been in for almost a year, and I’ve finally found an EVE home.

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(Ogeko Ronuken) #18

Come Join Us Today

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