Null Sec Corp - .TIQ


Trust In Q [.TIQ] is a new corp within the InPanic Alliance (Drone space) of Sov Null. Relaxed, currently EU-TZ, RL comes first type corp but as ever - if you want to be in Sov Null a few fleets need to be flown as well to make that possible (and it breaks up the fantastic ISK that you make out here!)

  • True Sec of -1.0 for good ticks to make ISK !
  • No loot to waste time on, increased bounties/ticks to counter it!
  • Nice quiet pocket to make ISK in
  • Mining in fully maxed systems
  • Currently supporting other coalition members in a war with Darkness/GotG so plenty of PvP content for fun and laughs along the way
  • Excellent Alliance logistics - v. quick from Jita! Doctrines well stocked in staging systems
  • Teamspeak/Discord/Forums etc

If you want to chat through it more hit me back on here or in game ‘Jonsa Sargentor’

Thanks - and if you’re looking for a new home, good luck wherever you end up choosing. o/

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