Looking to build a RL first but high impact null sec Corp

We are a small Corp based in null sec looking to expand. Even though we are small we a generally in the top few corps for kills and paps. What I would like to build is a Corp of 10 to 15 players all with caps. Who buzz in and out of the game but when we together can be a devistating force.

As a Corp we class ourselves as self sufficient. We do as much as we can in house. Yes that means mining too, in saying that we are a pvp Corp. Its just in our blood. Our blood dominance if you will(translation of our Corp name). We are happiest when blowing ■■■■ up.

We are very much on our way to be able build our own cap ships so industry pilots are very much welcome but you will be expected to have pvp skills even if it sup cap/support ships.

We are part of a sov alliance and in a coalition that is both aggressive and able. Not afraid to drop caps when required.

Interest you? get in touch and we can take it from there

Fly safe

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