Null Sec corp with buybacks, SRP, no SP requirements

Come join Noctis Umbrum Inc.
For industry types: We have access to high quality moon mines. We offer buybacks on everything. We have a growing BPO library. We offer new corp members a free fully fit venture or procurer. We offer ratters a free fully fit vexor.

For PVP focused players: We are hosting an 3 v 3 inter alliance tournament. We provide training to hone even the skills of experienced players. We have opportunities for content in null and even low in both small gangs and fleets.

Our only requirements are that all applicants get registered with our auth to get on corp discord and register with our API check.

Contact me if you’re interested in joining a great corp with great leadership and a solid community.

We have moon mines popping (tax free to you), buybacks, max-bonused industry, and our own logistics.

We’ve also formed a black ops roam, and fun roam since the last post, and we’re still recruiting!

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