:shuffleparrot::shuffleparrot: Null-sec Krabs, Come Carebear With Us! :moonwalkingparrot::moonwalkingparrot:

So you want to rat and make those sweet iskies, but your alliance has a stratop and 100% tax? Come drop an alt in our corp :wink:

We do not have much to offer you except a nice quite fully upgraded true sec system in Guristas space that’s in the middle of nowhere but only 14 jumps from Jita with the help of JB’s

  • 14 Jumps From Jita

  • Fully Upgraded Sov Space For Rating And Mining

  • Low Taxes

  • We Don’t Mind If You Rat/Mine 24/7

  • Excellent PI Planets Available

Perfect Place to come rat and or do your mining industrial stuff.

Send a mail to Afrikan WH, if you interested or have any other questions

or join our discord: https://discord.gg/BKGAFJy



Still recruiting

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Come Join us!


Come krab with us!

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Come join us today!


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