Null Sec Non big block corp looking for more members

Looking for a null sec corp for indy players? Tired of the high sec life? Want to build T2 stuff and make some moneys? Then maybe this post is for you.

We are Inglorious Fury. We are a null sec corporation and a proud member corp of the Reeloaded alliance. What we offer and what we do is as follows.
-PI Production
-Research and Development
-Resource Procurement and Processing
-Industrial Development
-Salvage Reprocessing
-T2 Ship Production
-Capital Ship Production
-Moon Mining
We prefer capsuleers with 5m sp but we will work with those who are willing. We have a broad array of members from all across the globe and a lot of experience under the alliance. Newbros are welcome but keep in mind, this is null sec.

Corporate/Diplomats Contacts:
TechRaven (CEO)
TangledRelic (Executive Officer)

In game recruiting channel: INGFU-Recruiting
Please feel free to join our discord channel and come chat with us.
New Applicants: Have background info - who/what/when/where - Did you get referred? how did you find us? Etc. - Blank Applications will be auto rejected. - Questions? Contact Leadership in game or join our discord.

Still Recruiting.

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