Rage Confederacy - Sov Null

Rage Confederacy is a Sov Null Corporation and part of the Dracarys Alliance. We are recruiting players of all skill levels and in-game interests to build our ranks. With being under one of the biggest Alliances in the game, we are able to offer perks that smaller Corporations simply cannot.

We offer:
► Corp Buyback, JF Courier Services and SRP
► PvP - Solo/Small/Medium and Coalition Level
► Subcap/Capital Ratting, DED Site Running
► Ore/Ice Mining and Gas Harvesting
► Multiple Stocked in-game Markets and Trade Channels

Stop by our in-game channel Rage.Recruitment for more information and to speak with a Recruiter

Still recruiting



Bump still recruiting


i might be interested. i see according to dotlan your are stationed in impass catch and querious. are u affiliated with goons in any way. that would be a real deal breaker for me.

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, we are.


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